A Guide to Propaganda

I first interacted with Edward Bernays through Noam Chomsky’s many works on manufacturing consent. Written in 1928, Edward Bernays’ seminal work Propaganda explains his craft of influencing and manipulating public opinion. Whether it’s influencing the masses on whether they should smoke, who to vote for, or what the general consensus is on a social phenomenon, and anything in between. Historians later dubbed him “the father of public relations” and businesses and governments sought him out for his knowledge. Of course, this book reads as propaganda for doing and/or making propaganda. Bernays is trying, or attempting to, sell us his craft. Which is exactly why it is so important to notice and understand propaganda when we see it.

0:00 Intro
4:53 Chapter One, Organizing Chaos
9:44 Chapter Two, The New Propaganda
14:05 Chapter Three, The New Propagandists
19:24 Chapter Five, Business & The Public
22:08 Chapter Six, Propaganda & Political Leadership
23:44 Conclusion


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