Quaternions are Amazing and so is William Rowan Hamilton!

Quaternions are amazing, they made modern vector mathematics. But how were they created and how do they work? In order to explain all that I am providing both a fun biography of Hamilton AND a biography of quaternions and the couplets that led to them.

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“A Victorian Marriage”

Full song of “William Rowan Hamilton”: https://youtu.be/SZXHoWwBcDc

Cover art uses (with permission) the amazing sand sculpture by Daniel Doyle.
I highly recommend glancing at his blog about it, just beautiful!

0:00 Why I made this video
2:08 Hamilton’s Career (History)
6:46 Couple/Couplet Theory (Math)
10:28 Hamilton’s Personal Life (History)
15:34 Quaternions (Math)
31:55 Hamilton’s Legacy (History)
39:20 What’s Next


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