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By Jessica Stewart on February 10, 2023

“Young Kayapó (Mebêngôkre) girl at a protest in Brasília. Every year, in April, thousands of Brazilian indigenous people travel many kilometers from territories across the country to gather at the Free Land Camp in the capital, to protest in defense of their lands and lives.” Kayapó (Mebêngôkre) girl, Brazil, 2022 (Photo: © Ekuná Kamayurá)


These stunning images are featured in a calendar, which helps to support Indigenous people and their rights all around the world.


For over 50 years, Survival International has been working to protect the rights of Indigenous people around the globe. Not only do they help tribes lobby for their land rights, but they also confront the atrocities that these tribes are facing—from genocide to racism. In order to stay impartial, the charity does not accept government funding. To help support their ongoing campaigns, they’ve recently released their 2023 calendar, We, the People.

“For tens of thousands of years, people have used their handprints to signal their existence and resistance. They are also a collective call for all of us to support them.” Yanomami men, Brazil, 2010 (Photo: © Fiona Watson)


The 12 incredible images found in the calendar illustrate daily life for Indigenous people. From a young Kayapó girl in Brazil protesting for her rights to Nenets children carrying on their tribes’ traditions, each photograph tells a story. These stories not only serve as inspiration to get involved, but they are also reminders of our world’s precious cultural diversity.

Survival International has made it its mission to preserve this diversity, which is under constant attack. Some of the important work they carry out includes ensuring that the new 30×30 agreement passed at COP 15 won’t adversely affect Indigenous people by taking away their native land. They also advocate for the end of factory schooling for Indigenous children and to include Indigenous tribes as senior partners in land conservation. […]

“Tribal peoples are the best guardians of their lands and, even from the air, the diversity of their landscapes is extraordinary. While this image shows Enawene Nawe houses and surrounding pathways, trees and vegetation, multispectral imaging technology is also used to expose environmental degradation – a key tool in the fight against the invasion of indigenous territories.” Enawene Nawe village, Brazil, 2020 (Photo: © Richard Mosse, courtesy of the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery)

Source: Portraits of Indigenous People From All Around the World

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