The Musical Fruit – Nutrition Tier Lists: Beans

While come may see them as just calories in a can, beans are one of the most foundational foods on Earth, with some cultures having records of harvested them for the tens of thousands of years. Beans are a deceptively critical part of a balanced nutritious diet around the world and are finally getting their time in the spotlight. Time to rank them and find out which ones should be the base of your burrito bowls, and which ones really are just canned calories.

What I Would Change:
Yes, Lentils should have probably been on this list. While they are currently in my Seed Tier List, if they were on this list, I would have given them an A-Tier placement.

All nutrient data is pulled from the USDA’s National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.

Introducing: Beans – 0:00
Adzuki Beans – 2:57
Baked Beans – 3:44
Black Beans – 4:51
Black Eyed Peas – 5:48
Cannellini Beans – 6:30
Chickpeas – 7:21
Cranberry Beans – 8:10
Edamame – 8:44
Fava Beans – 10:32
Great Northern Beans – 11:45
Jelly Beans – 12:20
Kidney Beans – 12:58
Lima Beans – 13:41
Lupin Beans – 14:30
Mung Beans – 15:19
Navy Beans – 15:53
Pink Beans – 16:37
Pinto Beans – 17:12
Refried Beans – 17:43
Soybeans – 18:29
Conclusion – 20:21


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