SHUDŌ | Animation Short Film 2015 – GOBELINS


Synopsis :
Hayate et Iwa se font face sur un champ de bataille. Absorbés par leur orgueil, ils se lancent dans un duel alimenté par leurs ressentiments.

Hayate and Iwa face one another on a battlefield. Absorbed by their pride, they clash in a duel fueled by deep emotions.

Réalisateurs / Directors :
To-Anh Bach :
Charles Badiller :
Hugo Weiss :

Sélections :
– International queer film festival Merlinka (Serbie, Belgrade)

Contact Production :
GOBELINS, l’école de l’image : Moïra Marguin,

Contact Festival :
GOBELINS, l’école de l’image : Luce Grosjean,

Distribution :
La distribution des films produits par GOBELINS, l’école de l’image est assurée par L’Agence du court métrage.
Contact :

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[From the comments:

to the clueless ones the samurai practice of shudo was actually almost perfectly depicted in this animation. the younger one was taken in by the older samurai as an apprentice, that is what ‘shudo’ is (just google it). they may have sexual relations until the young apprentice, usually 10-17 (depending on the era…before the bakufu was overthrown, young samurai were required to come of age at 13-15 because a lot of men died during the war and no one is allowed to marry until they come of age…so being 13 and married wasn’t so unusual then in japan…), comes of age while the older person teaches him warrior etiquette and techniques. the relationship is beyond apprenticeship as the two parties actually swear their lives to each other, not necessarily as married couples but as ‘homies’ that have each others’ backs (pun not intended). they may help each other out in times of need or, in much extreme situations, carrying out a vendetta, no questions asked. it’s not necessarily love, but the emotional bond and the devotion between the master (nenja) and the apprentice (wakashu) can be so strong that it just might be. the promise between them initially is to be loyal to their male partners, but they are free to have female wives once the wakashu comes of age. so there you have it. shudo in two minutes. the only reason i can find for them being in this situation is that the master that one of them serves has ordered them to kill the other. it’s the only explanation. homosexuality wasn’t exactly taboo in japan until the meiji restoration, when feudal lords are annoyed that samurai actually honor their shudo pledges more than the lords they serve. so…yeah. sorry to burst the bubble for some people thinking the samurai tradition was very ‘masculine’. examples of shudo in this era are chirrut imwe (donnie yen) and baze malbus (jiang wen) and cassian andor (diego luna) and K-2 (alan tudyk) in star wars: rogue one. if you want your shudo a bit funnier, seth rogen and jay baruchel in this is the end]

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