Passenger Rail in the US vs. Spain – Brace Yourself for Utter Chagrin

It’s no secret that US passenger rail hasn’t kept up with the rest of the developed world. We’ve focused instead on the national highway system, doubling down on car infrastructure and parking everywhere, and also on shorts flights. Nations like Japan and France have long gone a different route, building out high speed rail networks to get climate-unfriendly cars off the road and planes out of the air.

More recently, China has rapidly grown its high speed rail network to become by far the largest in the world. But today we’re talking about Spain, which has (quietly?) built the world’s second largest HSR network, in a nation of just 47 million people.

This video explores the user experience of Spain’s Alta Velocidad Espanola, continuing expansion of the AVE (including new providers Ouigo and Iryo), and what the US can learn (but probably won’t) from a high speed rail system that’s often criticized as overly politicized and overbuilt.


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1 Response to Passenger Rail in the US vs. Spain – Brace Yourself for Utter Chagrin

  1. John Jaksich says:

    The US passenger rail system certainly has bright spot or two but it hasn’t been embraced nor improved upon over time. If anything, we can learn from one another. The coming decades will test the resolves of all governments and peoples. The climate changes, in store for all, call for all to improve our commitments to communicate with one another. I\

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