Building Like We Used To: Why We Still Can (& Should)

n this video, we explore the often-misunderstood concept of traditional architecture and urbanism, and its relevance in today’s fast-paced society. Discover how tradition is not just about mimicking the past because of nostalgic feelings, but rather an adaptive process that incorporates local conditions and innovations for a harmonious end result. Can we still build like we used to, before the era of modernism? To find the answer, we’ll delve into remarkable examples such as Cayalá, Poundbury, Brandevoort, Le Plessis Robinson, Heulebrug, and more. Join us on this architectural journey, and you might just find a renewed appreciation for tradition and its place in our modern world.

Our video about beauty:

• What Makes Buildi… Our video about a town near Paris that embraced traditional design principles and transformed itself completely:

• This Town Did The…


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