Channel Trailer | Hidden Roots

My channel is all about the secrets I uncovered when my dad died and the journey I’ve been on to find some answers.
After he passed away I found out that he had been living a secret life – 10 years older than he had been telling everyone, with a different birthday and a secret wife. He was also part of a huge Ghanian family that he never spoke about. After he died I decided to retrace his footsteps from Ghana to the UK and in this series I interview his old work colleagues and school friends to see if they can shed more light on the man they knew and help me try to track down my long lost Ghanaian family for the first time.
If you like the show “Who Do You Think You Are?” or the “Humans of NY” series you’re going to enjoy Hidden Roots. If you’re interested in family history, ancestry, personal stories, identity (especially mixed race identity), documentaries or mystery solving then this channel is for you. The first series focuses on what I discovered about my Dad and the people I found along the way but I’ve got lots of other exciting things planned for the future and I’d love to get a community going where we can all share our own family and identity stories and help each go on our own journeys.. so this is just the beginning!


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