French Cyclists Create Record-Breaking GPS Drawing of a Dinosaur | My Modern Met

By Margherita Cole on April 20, 2023

Photo: razvanphoto/Depositphotos (Not a photo of the actual event.)

“Vélo” is “bicycle” in French, so these French cyclists decides to draw a velo-ciraptor and break a world record.

Four French cyclists have claimed the Guinness World Record for the largest GPS drawing by a bicycle team. Their winning piece: a 1,025 km-long (637-mile-long) depiction of a velociraptor that took 43 hours and 47 minutes to complete. The dinosaur’s body was “drawn” over the course of six days, encompassing several French counties, including Cher, Saone-et-Loire, Indre, Nievre, Creuse, Puy-de-dome, and Allier.

The group chose a velociraptor as their inspiration because it includes “velo” in the name, which means “bicycle” in French. It required a year of planning to figure out the route that would bring the dinosaur to life, and they finally began their record-breaking ride in November 2022. Guinness announced their record in March 2023.

“Dinosaurs are proof that such strong species can quickly become extinct,” Maxime Brugère, one of the cyclists, says. “We are the main culprits of this environmental crisis, but also its main victims. As such, the future is in our hands and cycling is one of the best ways to contribute to change.” He and the team describe themselves as triathletes and daily commuters who emphasize the benefits of using bicycles over cars. They shared their dinosaur creation with the fitness app Strava and have received thousands of likes by others in the cycling community.[…]

Source: French Cyclists Create Record-Breaking GPS Drawing of a Dinosaur

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