The Research Powering Humanity’s First Space Civilization with Ariel Ekblaw

When will we create a livable habitat in space? Neil deGrasse Tyson and comedian Matt Kirshen explore the possibilities of tessellated space structures, artificial gravity, and other challenges of space living with Founder of MIT Space Exploration Initiative, Ariel Ekblaw.

We discuss Gerard O’Neill’s visions of space and the L5 Society. Learn about the Aurelia Institute’s work in creating modular smart space structures and the challenges of creating a space habitat. How do we make sure that space travelers aren’t microwaved like a hot pocket? Have there been any advancements in artificial gravity?

Will it be possible for someone who’s 33 years old today to visit space in their lifetime? What’s the most important breakthrough we need to bring down the cost of space travel? How are we going to stop people from getting sick on the way to space? Discover how the human body changes in space and what “space face” is. We also explore an approach to artificial gravity seen in Andy Weir’s Project Hail Mary.

How would you create food in a space colony? How would you safeguard a habitat from space debris? What’s the role of AI in space travel? Finally, once we get there, what jobs would people have in space?


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