We did nuclear fusion. In Simone’s workshop.
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Disclaimer: This build was supervised by experts at Helion. Do not try this at home.

I still can’t believe this video really happened. Back in May, I interviewed Helion CEO David Kirtley. I was trying to understand nuclear fusion: Is nuclear fusion possible now? How does fusion actually work? And most importantly, is nuclear fusion the future? Then, at the end of the interview, I asked David about headlines I’d seen about people building nuclear fusion devices in their backyards – what were they doing? “Oh,” David replied, “you can build one.”

What followed is the biggest adventure yet on Huge If True. Together with the team at Helion and my friend fellow YouTuber Simone Giertz, we BUILT A NUCLEAR FUSION DEVICE to show how nuclear fusion works, what the big remaining challenges are, and how it might help us all in the future.

Then, the last step was to try to turn it on…


• Nuclear fusion, e…

HUGE (no asterisk) thank you to David, Jessie, Ron, Joben, and the entire team at Helion for helping make our nuclear fusion dreams possible. It’s truly a life moment I’ll never forget and I’m so grateful.

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/ @simonegiertz

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00:00 We’re trying to do nuclear fusion
01:01 Thank you Uber Reserve!
01:48 What is nuclear fusion?
02:48 How do you build a fusion device?
03:37 How is nuclear fusion possible?
04:36 What is the big challenge with fusion?
05:36 What does nuclear fusion look like?
06:12 We’re great at this
07:08 UH OH
08:02 Here comes the fusion fuel!
08:32 The “Do Not Die” section
09:07 DID WE DO IT??
12:38 Is fusion possible at scale?

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