Can this Swedish tradition make you happier at work? – BBC News

In Sweden, a coffee break is more than just a quick hit of caffeine.

Known as a ‘fika’, the Swedish coffee break is a longstanding tradition – a time to slow down and enjoy the company of others over a coffee and sweet treat.

But can a fika boost workplace productivity and wellbeing?

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1 Response to Can this Swedish tradition make you happier at work? – BBC News

  1. I also think it does. The Danes have a similar custom, but not every day, in most cases Friday afternoon, and they take turns to buy the Wienerbrød that they like so much. That is something in between cake and bread, buttery pastry filled with custard like cream and/or chocolate, cinamon and lots of sugar icing. The socializing is the most important thing about it though.

    As far as the Swedes are concerned, we see the same contradiction here. On one side they want to be autonomous individuals, on the other side it is frowned upon if people don’t want to socialize, and most people care and don’t want to stand out as unsocial.

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