Nexus Studios – ‘Drawn Closer’ written & directed by Patrick Osborne (Full Animated Film)

Director, Brand Strategy & New Media: Rachel Negretti
Vice President, Brand Strategy & Consumer Insights: Brian Stifel
Senior Vice President, Brand Strategy: Gaston Vaneri
Senior Manager, Marketing: Brittany Tyner
Social Media & Content Marketing: Roger Jones

Chief Creative Officer: Al Moseley
Executive Creative Director: Mike Bokman
Group Creative Director: Jason Rappaport
Copywriter: Emma Zakes Green, Amar Marwaha
Senior Art Director: Elizabeth Lay
Art Director: Arvid Harnqvist
Head of Production: Bryan Sweeney
Head of Strategy: Kaleen Ogden
Strategist: Mauricio Barreda
Director of Client Services: Megan McDonnell
Senior Brand Manager Morgan Theis

Director: Patrick Osborne
Script Writer: Patrick Osborne
Executive Producer: Juliet Tierney
Producer: Josephine Gallagher
Production Manager: Edith Chappey
Production Assistant: Jenny Goodwin
CG Lead: Mark Davies
Art Director/Designer/Matte Painting: Mélanie Climent
Storyboard: Marta Martín Blanco
Character Designer: Rayner Alencar
Character Modelling: David Díaz Jiménez, Katrina Hill, Joachim Loesener, Petri Aaltonen
Rigging: Niko Rossi
Lead Lighter: Kenny Ip
Modelling & Lighting: Patrick Tomasini
Shading & Modelling: Irina Nguyen, Fabien Glasse
Animation: William Lorton, Alex Alabadi Aragó, Pierre Plouzeau, Steve Brown, Steve White, Clément Fassler, Quentin Dubois
Compositing: Gareth Tredrea, Aitor Arroyo, Frederic Heymans, Ewelina Freuer, Dalvir Matharu
Pipeline Developer / TD: Tom Melson
Pipeline Assistant: Harry Nichols
Motion Graphics Designer: Bethany Levy
Editing: Mark Van Heusden, Ben Hunt, Kyle Jon Shephard
Grading: David Slade

Producer: Fernanda Garcia Lopez
Live Action Producer: Michael Schlenker
Production Manager: Kevin Barrera
DP: Mark Tierney
Tech: Traiana Nescheva
Production Assistant: Samantha Patton, Christo Ramirez


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