If We Plant 1 TRILLION Trees Can We Stop Climate Change ?

Can trees really save us from climate change? For eons, nature has relied on photosynthesis as a big way to keep carbon dioxide levels from getting out of control. But as we have put more carbon into the air, we’ve also cut down many of the forests we need to suck that carbon up. So big tree-planting initiatives like #TeamTrees to the rescue, right? Actually, we need to think bigger. Here’s three ways trees really can help us solve climate change, from a guy who wants to plant a TRILLION trees, to how we might save the forests we’ve got, to scientists hacking biology to make trees even better.

References: https://sites.google.com/view/3waystr…

Aspect Science: Team Trees Explained https://youtu.be/SLHCA-hHx4Y

Special thanks to Felix Finkbeiner

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2 Responses to If We Plant 1 TRILLION Trees Can We Stop Climate Change ?

  1. Sustain blog says:

    Planting trees is good but it won’t solve climate change. Thank you 😊


  2. Plant trees🙏
    For imaging physics please visit and follow:


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