Giant Floating Head Arises All Of A Sudden To Watch Over Tokyo –

Photo taken by Kozo Kaneda. Image via mé / PR Times (press release)

You could say no one got a heads up.

If the people of Tokyo thought they had seen it all with giant 3D calico cat, they were in for a shock. On Friday, people minding their own business near downtown Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park were caught by surprise as a giant head stared down at them behind trees and architecture.

No thanks to the head’s CGI-like features, one would assume it was digitally edited into pictures, However, fact can oftentimes be stranger than fiction, and Japanese news site SoraNews24 reaffirmed that there was indeed a disembodied figure peering at little people at the park.

As it turns out, the sculpture was actually a hot air balloon created by contemporary art group and commissioned by the Tokyo government. The project, entitled Masayume, had been in development since 2019 but kept under wraps until launch day, and this secrecy would undoubtedly take the public aback. You could say they never got a heads up.

The art group explained that the balloon was sculpted in the image of a real person, and that it serves as an observer of the pandemic.

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