Believe in Ghosts

t is estimated that there are only 50,000 Black farmers in the US. Samantha is one of those farmers. She is on a mission to establish a farm as a Black Woman in the deep south, and be the voice of a new generation of farmers. She will do it on her own terms- guided by the spirit of her ancestors that remain in the soil of the North Carolina fields. Through her story, we uproot the racial disparity that is still so prevalent in the agricultural industry today.

Directed By Courtney Dixon
Produced by John Cassaras, Pamela Dembo, Janis Vogel
Director of Photography: Thomas Simon
Additional Cast: Chris McPeck, Max Pardon, Mark Harrelson
Gaffer/Loader: Joel Schaeffer
1st AD: Bryson Simpson
BTS Photography: Tim Glover
Sound Operator: Gavin Harwell
Creative Post By Coat of Arms
Edited By Jonathan Lacocque
Assistant Editing: Eric Combs
Post Produced By Clara Lehmann and Jonathan Lacocque
Associate post-producer: Grace Lawson
Design Direction/Animation: Ryan Butterworth
Additional Design by Ricardo Nilsson
Colorist: Courtney Feemster
Sound Design: David Jaunai
Original Music By Andrew Ryan and Kaïa Kater-Hurst
Film Processing by FOTOKEM

Special Thanks: The Winship family, Kodak

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