Sci-Fi Short Film: “Liminal” | DUST

A scientist on a secret experiment to teleport humans grapples with a dire mistake.

“Liminal” by Collin Davis and Matt Litwiller

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More About “Liminal”:
Liminal explores big ideas in contained spaces: a character piece with a sci-fi backdrop. Gwen, the lead scientist on a secret experiment to teleport humans, encounters a co-worker on a smoke break. As she grapples with the implications of recent discoveries it’s clear that a dire mistake has been made. Her test subject has lost something along the way.

“Liminal” Credits:
Anna Campbell – Gwen
Max Lesser – Tim
Harper – John Isaac Watters

Directed by Collin Davis & Matt Litwiller
Cinematography by Doug Potts
Written by Matt Litwiller
Edited by Collin Davis
Sound Design by Andrew Walker
Music by Zach Robinson
Visual Effects by Pete Sidoriak and Collin Davis
Line Producer – Louie Sloss
1st AC – Daniel Ajemian
2nd AC – Alex Valencia
Production Sound – Houston Guy
Modeling by Niles Heckman
Additional Matchmoving – Gary Tussey
Space Elevator Effects – Shahram Shokrian & Warner Shaw
Color by Ernie Ray & Niles Heckman

Special Thanks To:
Replay Collective
Siddharth Ganji
Gasket Studio

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