Aesthetica Magazine – Altered Landscapes

Ellen Jantzen is drawn to the natural world: oceans, rivers, lakes and mountains. Landscapes have provided endless inspiration to artists throughout history – from Romantic painters to contemporary environmental photographers. Yet, Jantzen’s artworks do not depict nature as we know it. Instead, we are presented with an altered vision of the world – photomontages created through a process of manipulation. Hands emerge from glitch-like fields. Arms float in mid-air. Clouds touch the earth. Vertical stripes stretch trees skywards.

Jantzen blurs the lines between truth and fiction, making us aware of the editing process that belies much of today’s media. “Photography is a medium for recording reality, but I subvert its traditional intent,” the artist reflects. “Historically, photography has, at times, been used to skew reality but in a way that was undetectable to the viewer. What interests me is the way I can play around with memory and time by combining photos from the past and present into one unified piece.”[…]

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