Innovative Campus Will Have Buildings Blurring City and Nature

The suite of impressive buildings will are designed by some of the world’s biggest starchitects.

The new Westbank San Jose Campus boasts not only incredible contemporary architecture but also a team of starchitects reimagining city life in innovative structures. This California campus was made possible by a partnership with Westbank, Urban Community, Peterson and OPTrust and was commissioned to reinspire the residents of Silicon Valley with beautiful design and nature. “Each of our projects have common themes centered on creating community, bringing nature into the built environment and responding to the climate crisis,” says Westbank.

Architects leading the design work include Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), Kengo Kuma & Associates(KKA), WRNS Studio, James K.M. Cheng Architects, and Studio Gang. Each team has proposed work that aligns with the Westbank Campus mission of integrating architecture in nature while reimagining urban life.[…]


Bjarke Ingels Group will design The Energy Hub, the sister building to Bank of Italy. This project reads as a porous vertical garden broken up by strips of thin wooden balconies from which we can see lush vegetation peeking through.

The Energy Hub is designed in zones carefully planned to encourage great interaction with the city. The building features an open area at the base which acts as a covered public space connected to retail areas on the first level. Residential programming is planned for the following areas, with the opening allowing plenty of natural light to enter the residences. The dense upper floors are used for office spaces in order to maximize the floor area and the views of the city.[…]


Orchard Residences by WRNS Studio is one part of Westbank San Jose Campus’ Orchardproject. The architects worked with James K. M. Cheng Architects to coordinate both the residences and workspace portions of Orchard. This site will introduce new apartments to the bustling SOFA Arts District. The title of Orchard has some cultural significance to San Jose—it remembers the agriculture that was once so critical to the area. The concept of Orchard honors it in memory but also replaces the agriculture that was displaced by the construction of the new project by adding it onto the façades and roof garden.[…]

Goto Source: Innovative Campus Will Have Buildings Blurring City and Nature

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