When nature meets Spray Paint | Street Art Utopia


Tree Fox

By Syd from The Stencil Shed in Malmesbury, UK.

Syd: I planned to paint this as a wolf. Bizarrely when I made my way through the woods to get to this tree I sprung a fox, he had obviously seen and heard me a mile off but I accidentally trundled into his path. Maybe it remained in my subconscious as the wolf spray paint colouring went from grey to brown and began to evolve. Thankfully I had a can of light orange in my bag so was able to skim in those distinctive tones. Creating something quite unexpected.

Interview with street artist Syd

1. When, how and why did you become an artist?

I’ve been an artist since birth, I just didn’t know until I was 30 when I first picked up a spray can. My dads a professional sculptor and it runs in the family, basically I have now turned into my dad.

It’s 15 years now since my first spray paint moment and unashamedly it was sparked by reading Banky’s Wall and Piece. If any street artist says they are not inspired by Banksy they are lying. [..]

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