Did Brazil Find the Solution to Poverty?

In the 2000s, Brazil’s leftist leader Lula da Silva implemented an audacious program of poverty reduction. It was called Bolsa Família, “the family stipend,” and offered a guaranteed income to all poor families in Brazil. The program went totally contrary to the prevailing neoliberal consensus.

But while the countries that implemented “welfare reform” saw poverty increase, Brazil’s program led to massive reductions in poverty. Lula’s program lifted tens of millions of people out of extreme poverty. In essence, Brazil figured out the solution for poverty, and it’s very simple. Give people money, and their lives will improve.

Citations are provided at the end of the video.

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0:00 A Short History of Modern Brazil
1:32 The Rise of the Workers’ Party
2:37 Two Ways to Reduce Poverty
5:14 Wither Brazil?
6:42 Credits and Citations

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