We’re Thinking About Facebook Wrong


Usually I’m up in the description being like, “here are a bunch of things I wasn’t really able to fit in the video” but actually…turns out, if you let me go for 20 minutes, I get most of it out.

OK, I guess the one insight I had durning this that didn’t fit is to do with righteous superiority. It (and fear) are most effective on people who struggle with self worth (which is to say…y’know…basically everyone, but also some people more than others.) In particular, people who might have been told that they would have a lot of status but then ended up not getting it might be very susceptible to both fear-based and superiority-based content. Interestingly, the fear and the superiority almost always go hand-in-hand. Like, “here are the people you are superior to, and here is why you should be afraid of them” is a wildly engaging thought.

Anyway, this is really intense and I hope we all get through it.

2:00 So… Facebook is scary
3:56 We’re babies
6:58 Ok, but what is Facebook?
10:43 What should we do?
16:10 Platforms don’t just host!
19:02 Facebook is regulating society
19:40 The end


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