100 Top Photographers Use Their Art to Help the Environment | My Modern Met

“Icy Flight” by Paul Nicklen

“We must not fall into the trap of thinking that this issue is too big to deal with or that someone else will take care of it. It is up to you. It is up to me. It is up to us.”

One hundred of today’s best photographers have come together to rally around a cause—saving the environment. Using their art, they are raising funds to support grassroots conservation organizations. Vital Impacts is a non-profit led by award-winning photographer Ami Vitale and visual journalist Eileen Mignoni. They have gathered some of the biggest names in photography and have asked these artists to put their work up for sale, with 60% of the net profits going toward grassroots conservation campaigns.

“Kamera and Kilifi” by Ami Vitale

Both women have dedicated their careers to storytelling that shines a light on the triumphs and struggles of our environment. By coming together, they are using their roles as leaders in the industry to do even more good. Joining them are some of My Modern Met’s favorite photographers, including Cristina Mittermeier, Will Burrard-Lucas, Xavi Bou, Stephen Wilkes, and Mitch Dobrowner. Dr. Jane Goodall, the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees, has also contributed several photographs that immortalize her important work.

“Kiss” by Jane Goodall

The current print sale runs until December 31, 2021. There are both open and limited editions available in a variety of sizes. And with prints on sale at a range of prices, there is something for every budget. The prints are the perfect holiday gift that also gives back to charity and is a great way to get some new art for your home.

“The Colobus” by Jim Naughten

We had the chance to speak with Ami Vitale about the meaning behind the project and to learn more about the organizations that are benefitting from the sale. Read on for My Modern Met’s exclusive interview[…]


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