Abby Allen on why Disney’s efforts to reimagine a more inclusive tomorrow represents meaningful change | Creative Boom

Abbey Allen, founder and CCO of Neon Butterfly

Do you see yourself and your life experiences represented in the content you consume? Many people don’t. So Disney got together with branding and marketing agency Neon Butterfly to do something about it.

The result is Reimagine Tomorrow, a robust initiative created to amplify underrepresented voices and untold stories. The primary digital platform is now live in the USA and will be launching in the UK soon. It’s essentially a search engine for finding diverse content across Disney and its brands, including Hulu, National Geographic, ESPN, Freeform and ABC.

The digital platform acts as a content filter, allowing users to search for examples of particular types of representation. This includes (but is not limited to) a range of ethnicities, gender diversity, age diversity, diverse families, disabilities, female empowerment, veteran representation, and communities with socioeconomic diversity, with new content being added on an ongoing basis.

It’s a huge undertaking, which Neon Butterfly’s founder and CCO Abby Allen describes as “the greatest effort by any media and entertainment company ever, to amplify underrepresented voices and showcase fresh narratives that foster and fuel representation, understanding and a feeling of belonging for everyone.”

We chatted with Abby to find out more about the project and the thinking behind it.

What’s the purpose of Reimagine Tomorrow?

It’s about amplifying underrepresented voices and untold stories as well as changing limiting narratives in media. It’s about showing people why it’s so important for everyone to see themselves reflected in the world around them, in a way that opens hearts and minds. It’s a celebration of our shared humanity. It’s also a chance for Disney to showcase all the work the company has been doing around diversity, equity, and inclusion, both in content and beyond. […]

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