Christmas: Marcus Rashford and Tom Kerridge create £10 dinner | BBC News

The two-meal menu includes a Christmas dinner for six and a Boxing Day dish to use up leftovers

Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford has said a £10 menu created by chef Tom Kerridge will help people in need “wake up on Christmas morning happy”.

The footballer, who was made an MBE for his food poverty campaigning, tasked Kerridge to create the menu due to his own memories of visiting the local food bank on Christmas morning.

He said he wanted families to create something special “together”.

The two-meal menu is a turkey roll with stuffing and a potato and carrot hash.

The meals have been designed to cost less than £10 for families using the government’s Healthy Start vouchers, though Kerridge said in an instructional post on Instagram that anyone not using the vouchers would still only pay about £13 for the ingredients.

The Christmas dinner, which also includes a tray bake of vegetables, will feed up to six people, with any leftovers being used for the hash on Boxing Day.

‘Cooking together’

Rashford, who has spoken about the hard times he faced during his childhood in Wythenshawe, said growing up, his family “relied on the local food bank for our Christmas dinner”.

“Christmas has a great ability to bring family together and I want as many children as possible to wake up on Christmas morning happy and without the stress of wondering where their next meal is coming from,” he said.

“I want families in communities like mine to look forward to creating something special in the kitchen together and making memories.” […]

Source: Christmas: Marcus Rashford and Tom Kerridge create £10 dinner

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