The best sciences images of 2021 | Nature

Emma Stoye
13 December 2021

A helicopter on Mars, human–monkey embryos, volcanic ash and more.

COVID-19 continued to dominate lives in 2021. But the year also produced many stunning science images unrelated to the pandemic. From human–monkey embryos to volcanic ash, here are the most striking shots that caught the attention of Nature’s news and art teams.[…]


Composite image of a South African springhare holding a snack under normal light, and the same hare aglow under UV.

Credit: J. Martin and E. Olson, Northland College/Olson et al. 2021, Scientific Reports

Raving rodent. The South African springhare (Pedetes capensis) fluoresces hot pink under ultraviolet light, researchers reported in February. The function of the striking patterns and intense colour — which are unique among known biofluorescent mammals — is a mystery.[…]

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