A $950,000,000,000 Scam Unleashes A New Pandemic, w Stephen Fry.

A more deadly pandemic emerges and US corporations buy the NHS.

Voiced by Stephen Fry

Please sign the petition to stop NHS privatisation: https://www.yournhsneedsyou.com/

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1 Response to A $950,000,000,000 Scam Unleashes A New Pandemic, w Stephen Fry.

  1. That does not sound good. I think this is happening now in many countries. I know from Germany that kitchen and cleaning is privatized with bad results. People are catching MRSA and pneumonia much more than before because of the poor cleaning.
    Other so called public services are being privatized, which – so was my understanding – would be financed by taxes. For example transport and mail. They are now privatized and are supposed to be profitable. But, funny enough, the taxes are not lowered after that …


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