Japan is NOT as high-tech as you think…


Hello everyone! Why does everyone think Japan is so high-tech and advanced? I mean, yes, it’s true that we have very advanced technology like high speed trains that can travel up to 200 miles an hour; hotels that are staffed by robots; and even the most futuristic invention: the gamer urinal.

This toilet from the future has sensors that not only measures your pee amount, but your pee power. It then uses advanced algorithms to translate your pee data into the world’s most intense video games like, “Fill It Up! Mannequin Pis!” How many cans of coffee can you fill with your tinkle? Or how about “Gangster Battle! Milk From Your Nose!” Is YOUR bladder strong enough to blast your opponent out of the ring? And if these look familiar to you, that’s because you’ve definitely played it in Yakuza Kiwami 2!

But even with advanced technology like this, a lot of the technology that we use everyday is ANCIENT. And I’m sure that you guys outside of Japan are living in the future compared to us when it comes to these things! So today, let’s take a look at these outdated things that we still use today in Japan!

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