NEVER SEEN BEFORE!!! Scientists discovered thousands of distant galaxies,JWST 1st image’s background

After months of commissioning, including aligning and focusing Webb’s 18 mirror segments in order to work as one mirror.
A star called 2 MASS J17554042 + 6551277 is visible in the foreground of the stunning image – found 2,000 light years from the Earth, although the background galaxies are millions, if not billions of light-years away – reaching back to the early universe.

Remember, This is just a test shot from the Webb telescope, the latest engineering image, with the ‘pretty pictures’ and science release not due until later this summer.

NASA says the image is so good that the optical performance from Webb ‘will be able to meet or exceed the science goals the observatory was built to achieve.’

It has spent the past few weeks calibrating its mirrors, and slowly bringing each of them into focus – through a series of engineering images.
Last month, when NASA revealed its image looked, many scientists and astronomers saw it from many different perspectives – they revealed it as a mosaic.
Scientists said they were giddy as they watched the latest test photos arrive. NASA´s test image was aimed at a star 100 times fainter than the human eye can see – 2,000 light-years away.
‘You can’t help but see those thousands of galaxies behind it, really gorgeous,’ said Jane Rigby, Webb operations project scientist.

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