Largest European Cities(agglomeration) in History 7500 BC – 2020. Top 11 biggest cities in Europe

This video shows the most populated cities(agglomeration) in Europe through history from the first civilizations until nowadays.
This video shows the European history about the top 11 largest cities by population in European history from 7000 BC to current year 2020. This video shows Europe’s largest city ancient history and demographics from 7000 BC to present year 2020.
The Population of these european cities is noted as per historical data and slight mistakes and fluctuations are possible as this data is very old and exact numbers is impossible but after many days of continuous research I have compiled this video and provided my best effort to make this data as accurate as possible, also the cities flags are given according to the today’s current location of cities and for people to better understand as all of them are not historians and also because some of ancient flags are missing.

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Cities : London ,Lisbon,Cordoba,Seville,Granada,Madrid ,Paris ,Amsterdam ,Rome
Naples , Milan , Palermo , Venice , Prague , Athens , Istanbul , Sarai , Moscow , Berlin , Budapest , Warsaw , Edirne , Saint Petersburg, Vienna, Hamburg, Cologne, Antwerp, Warsaw, Budapest and more.

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-Angus Maddison (2003), Historical Statistic for the World Economy…
-Hohenberg and Lees…



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  1. This was really interesting to watch. There were some surprises for me. For example, it looks like Ukraine had a high time long before BCE.

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