Who were the people of Stonehenge? Curators’ Tour of The World of Stonehenge

The image of Stonehenge is so iconic that if you were to close your eyes right now, you’d likely have a pretty accurate image of the monument in your mind. However, if you were asked to imagine the people who built and lived with the monument, you’d probably struggle a little more.

So to help with that, curators Jennifer Wexler and Neil Wilkin have decided to take you on a tour of their British Museum exhibition The world of Stonehenge, to introduce to some of incredible people that built and lived around the time of the monument. You’ll see some of the best gold work humans have ever created, some of the best stone work humans have ever created, as well as a pretty decent 1.7 kilometre wooden footpath created to cross an inconvenient marsh (trust us, the Sweet Track is awesome). And overall you should come away with a better understanding of who the people of Stonehenge really were, what they thought about the world, and why they built big stone circles.

If this has whetted your appetite for all things Bronze Age, you can get tickets to The world of Stonehenge exhibition here: https://bit.ly/3sqLdSU

And if you can’t make it to the show, but still want more, the exhibition catalogue is available here: https://bit.ly/3L3yfRL

00:00 Introduction to Stonehenge
01:12 Introduction of Farming in Britain
05:07 The Sweet Track
06:50 Seahenge
09:56 The Amesbury Archer
13:33 The Nebra Sky Disk
17:03 Trade and Piracy in Bronze Age Britain
19:35 The Shropshire Bulla
22:12 Britain’s Distant Past

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