Where Does Newcastle’s Geordie Dialect Come From?

The Geordie accent is one of the most well-known accents from the United Kingdom. Even some of the dialect words and phrases have become well known such as “howay man” and “wey aye.” In this video I’ll be looking at the origins of the Geordie dialect, looking at influences from Northumbrian Old English, Old Norse, Dutch, Scots, Romani and more.

0:00 – Intro
0:30 – Northumbrian Old English
3:39 – Old Norse Words In Geordie
6:17 – Middle English and French
7:57 – Newcastle: Jacobites and Geordies
7:25 – Germanic, Romance and Greek
9:55 – Dutch Influence In Geordie(?)
11:52 – Industrialisation and Immigration
15:05 – Romani Influence In Geordie
16:50 – Outro

Lachaim – Kevin MacLeod
Dhaka – Kevin MacLeod
Lost Frontier – Kevin MacLeod
Suonatore Di Liutto – Kevin MacLeod
Teller of Tales – Kevin MacLeod
Folk Round – Kevin MacLeod
Big Mojo – Kevin MacLeod
Dub Feral – Kevin MacLeod


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