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Getting refugees out of tents: can we provide better shelters than tents for displaced people?

On a day of record-setting heat in Sweden, Better Shelter was visited by the production team at the BBC World Service – People Fixing the World podcast, during a building workshop in a small countryside village on the outskirts of Stockholm.

In early 2022, UNHCR declared the milestone crossover of 100 million people forcibly displaced worldwide. 22 percent of the world’s refugee population live in refugee camps, among them, over 6 million living in planned camps managed by humanitarian agencies, and 4 million living in self-settled camps. Millions in camps live in tents that are inadequate to support the daily requirements of dignified living.

The episode of the podcast, Getting refugees out of tents, explored the RHU as an alternative sheltering solution to those feeble tents that populate camps all over the world.

Instead of tents we have temporary shelters that are robust enough to last over years, and to be upgraded.

Johan Karlsson, Managing Director, Better Shelter


Source: Better Shelter on BBC World Service: People Fixing the World | BetterShelter

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