Woman Falls Through the Sky in a Massive Photorealistic Mural | My Modern Met

By Margherita Cole on October 9, 2022

Turn at the right corner in Berlin and you may come across this stunning painting.

Turn at the right corner in Berlin and you may come across a stunning surrealistic painting. Artists Onur and Jonathan Bullough collaborated on a massive mural that perfectly transforms the side of a building into a portal into an immersive world. It depicts an anonymous female figure falling through the sky as her fractured arms reach out toward large violet flowers.

“Onur and I share a studio together in Berlin and although we are both separate independent artists we collaborate on projects from time to time,” Bullough explains to My Modern Met. “The inspiration for this piece was mostly design based and was built out of a deep understanding of each other’s artistic strengths and how they could work together to create a cohesive image while highlighting what we each do best.”

Bullough and Onur shared the creative process at every step, from sketching the initial designs to bringing the idea to life. The completed mural merges a photorealistic painting style with surrealistic imagery. The woman, clad in a pale purple gown, appears tranquil as she drops across the skyline, even if her dark bangs hide her eyes from the viewer. As she falls, pieces of the petals break apart from the flower, following her descent.

“What started as a very basic idea of a figure floating in oversized flowers developed and changed significantly through numerous extended sketch sessions with each artist tweaking the image and rethinking the overall concept until we settled on a composition,” Bullough explains. “During the painting phase, I concentrated on the figure using spray paint while Onur masterfully painted the landscape and the flowers using brushes and bucket paint.”[…]

Source: Woman Falls Through the Sky in a Massive Photorealistic Mural

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