Japan’s Amazing Train Station Like “Spirited Away”: Shimonada, Takamatsu to Yawatahama

We board the limited express train from Takamatsu to Shimonada Station, which is said to be the model for the station in the Ghibli movie “Spirited Away”, a worldwide hit.
Trains arrive only once every two to three hours. The ocean stretches out before your eyes. I thought it was an unmanned station in the countryside, but it turned out to be a major tourist attraction visited by many Instagrammers.

Vehicle: EMU 8000 (Takamatsu – Matsuyama), DMU KIHA54 (Matsuyama – Yawatahama)
Operator: JR Shikoku
Cabin: Business Class (Utazu – Matsuyama)
Timetable: Takamatsu 8:45 AM – Utazu 9:10 AM/9:13 AM – Matsuyama 11:15 AM/11:41 AM – Shimonada 12:29 PM/1:45 PM – Yawatahama 3:07 PM, 6h22
Price: 10,190JPY (76.48USD) Including below
– Basic fare: 4,660JPY (34.97USD)
– Limited express ticket (Takamatsu – Matsuyama): 2,730JPY (20.49USD)
– Business class ticket (Utazu – Matsuyama): 2,800JPY (21.01USD)

Fares are subject to seasonal changes. Please check the ferry operator’s website for details.

JR Shikoku
Iyonada Monogatari
Spirited Away – Studio Ghibli

Exchange rate in the video: 1USD≒133.24JPY (as of 29/7/2022)

0:00 Digest
0:15 Introduction of the journey
0:33 Depart Takamatsu Station
2:48 Inside Shiokaze limited express
4:20 Scenery from the window (Break1)
5:03 Arrive at Matsuyama Station
5:28 Ai Aru Iyonada Line
6:44 Shimonada Station
10:00 Scenery from the window (Break2)
11:08 Next Episode Preview

Music by:
Iamalex x felty – Hario
Provided by Lofi Girl
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j’san x Epektase – Outer Space
Provided by Lofi Girl
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softy – August, Now Again
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