The Square Kilometre Array’s complex combination of cattle, culture and cosmology | ABC Australia


The $3 billion Square Kilometre Array is an internationally backed big-science project with a brief to build the world’s largest radio telescope.
It will be built in two locations, one part in South Africa, and the other in the remote Murchison region of Western Australia, lead by the CSIRO.

As the project moves towards the construction phase, one important step is yet to be taken.

The CSIRO has spent more than two years negotiating an Indigenous Land Use Agreement with the Wajarri Yamatji traditional owners of the Murchison.
Traditional owners say they’re worried that building the 132,000 antennas associated with the SKA will see them lose access to country and threatens significant places.

The CSIRO says it has a strong commitment to preserving the landscape and is working with traditional owners to map out a design for the project which both parties are happy with.


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