Do you know these weird words for groups?

Let’s explore English’s many weird collective nouns! And remember to head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using the code “robwords”.

🥚 A gaggle of geese
📊 A business of ferrets
🎓 A school of fish
🔪 A murder of crows
🦊 A skulk of foxes
⏱ An impatience of wives (seriously)

Where on earth did we get all of these strange words for groups of things? Find out in this latest RobWords, where we do some of our own linguistic archaeology.


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1 Response to Do you know these weird words for groups?

  1. In German we do have some (or maybe there are many I don’t know … ).
    We have the “school of fish”, large amounts of mammals are a herd e.g. animals with hooves, but also elefants, whereas wolves have a “Rudel” (pack), I think we use it also for lions etc., but I am not sure. Flying birds and insects in large numbers are “Schwärme” (swarms), geese are for one or the other reason a “Schar” (gaggle). I have noticed that the English language has collective nouns also for animals that usually only live in pairs or for a short time in a family group, like owls and foxes; an unnecessity of collective nouns … 😉

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