How Much Booze Did Medieval People Really Drink?

Join Dr Eleanor Janega in this full length History Hit TV documentary as she gets to the bottom of medieval booze and drinking habits. How much alcohol did people in the Middle Ages really drink? What were they drinking? And where were they drinking it?

Alcohol was an essential part of medieval life. In one of London’s oldest pubs, Ye Old Mitre, Eleanor discovers the origins of the humble pub with beer expert Pete Brown, and dispels the many myths surrounding the drinking habits of the people who drank here centuries ago

We then stumble over to London’s East End, where Wild Card Brewery’s head brewer Janega Wise has crafted a special tipple using the same ingredients and techniques the average medieval brewer would have had at their disposal. Does it taste as good today as it did 500 years ago?

Our ancient pub crawl ends in King Henry VIII’s vast wine cellar with Hampton Court’s Historic Kitchen Manager, Richard Fitch. We learn about the royals’ unquenchable drinking habits, fanciful wine fountains and how important booze was for demonstrating wealth to your enemies.

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