I Hatched A Supermarket Egg… Again!

When I had bought some eggs in the supermarket seven years ago, Albert, the name bearer of this channel was born. I’ve never told you about what happened to him…

Music in this video, licensed through Audionetwork
– Capturing My Heart – David Tobin; Jeff Meegan; Jason Pedder
– A day to remember – Andrew Skeet
– Pause – Andrew Swarbrick
– Hangin’ with Harry – Bruce Maginnis

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About agogo22

Director of Manchester School of Samba at http://www.sambaman.org.uk
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3 Responses to I Hatched A Supermarket Egg… Again!

  1. I was surprised that the bird had feathers when it hatched and open eyes. Aren’t they usually naked and with closed eyes? But maybe that is for the nest hatchers.


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