Books You Can (Never) Read

You never know, you might only have a narrow window to enjoy something before its gone.

After 7 months, I have returned. In this long installment of Trey the Explainer, I discuss the history of books, literacy, and lost media. Are you ready to learn what you can never know?

Thumbnail art by Ida (…)

00:00 Introduction
03:22 The History of Books and Literacy
10:11 How Books were Lost
15:01 The Lost Books
16:43 Scientific Books
21:47 Historical Books
27:43 Books for Entertainment
33:00 Entire Libraries
36:04 Lost…and Found
39:34 The Importance of Books

Music licensed from Epidemic Sound

All copyrighted images belong to their respective owners. Most images were taken from the Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons licenses.

Special thanks to
Dr. Jordan Pickett
Dr. Barbara E. Mundy
Dr. Matthew Restall
Yuric INC (@Yuric_INC.)
Rafael Mena
(among others)

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