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Pasto – Carnaval Negros y Blancos — elgringopaisa

Estimado amigos – Gracias para visitar mi pagina. Ya solo tengo unas fotos de celular. Sera mucho trabajo para organizar y editar las fotos de mi camera. Regrese en unas semanas para ver mas. Gracias su paciencia. Gran saludos y … Continue reading

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How to sing, play and dance Bullerengue (Afrocolombian rhythm)

Ladama Project Hi everyone!!! I hope you like this video and learn some Colombian culture, I will leave several links so you can understand the beat and context of bullerengue and also the tonada lyrics and a translation. Sing: El … Continue reading

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love / hate — andrewisandrés

Some how, some way I survived my third Carnaval. When I first arrived in Colombia back in January 2017, I had a mere month to adjust to my new home, number my mosquito bites 1 – 53, and try my … Continue reading

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Jací and Guarací – The Amazon’s river Legend

The Amazon river or “Rio Amazonas” is located in South America. It is the largest river in the world and second in length, with approximately 6,400 km (4.000 miles). The Amazon river crosses 7 countries of South America, Guyana, Ecuador, … Continue reading

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