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Bunny the Sheepdoodle has learned how to communicate with her human Alexis Devine by pressing buttons on the ground, in which each button corresponds to a different word.

Do dogs think about the meaning of life too?

If you ever wished that your dog could talk to you (aside from barking) then you’ll want to meet Bunny the Sheepadoodle. The TikTok star has been using augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) buttons in order to use human words to communicate with her paw-rent, Alexis Devine. To talk to Devine, Bunny presses buttons with her paws, and each button represents a word like “I” or “human” or “walk.” These can be very helpful when Bunny needs to go outside or sees a bird. But recently, it appears that the pup has forgone the straightforward talk for the more existential questions that tend to consume human existence.

Devine posted a recent video of Bunny seemingly questioning her sense of self. In the video, she pressed the button for “dog,” then “what,” a third button for “dog,” and finally “is.” Devine spelled it out for the viewer. “Dog what dog is?” She said,  the question sounding like it’d be at home in a philosophy class. And this isn’t the first time Bunny has ventured into this question category. “This is happening so frequently,” Devine wrote in the caption, “that I’m going to add the buttons ‘animal’ ‘same’ and ‘different.’”[…]

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