Levitation 2

Sila Sveta presents the second part of the high-tech art performance “Levitation 2”.

The second part of the “Levitation” is a continuation of the previous project, which 5 years ago gained more than 20 million views around the world. This performance stands at the intersection of theater, choreography, high technology and illusion. The second part begins literally from the same frame that ended the first performance. This technique was chosen for a reason – the story of the main hero continues and evolves, which is revealed both by the choreography under the direction of Anna Abalikhina & by the XR technology, which takes you beyond the setup and allows the viewer to get into the parallel Universe with completely different laws of physics.

“If in the first Levitation we were enclosed by the frames of projection screens, which were arranged in the form of a book, in the second Levitation it was important for us to go beyond the screen boundaries and be able to work with infinite spaces and landscapes. Because this whole story is about overcoming, about going beyond not only the graphics, but also the character of the hero. The important part is adding the color. The first “Levitation” was black-and-white, more intimate, while the second is introduced with a specially selected meaningful colors” says Artur Kondrashenkov, the creative director of the project.

Choreographer Anna Abalikhina: “Gravity cannot be overcome, but with it you can try to find harmony and balance. Dance allows you to experience these moments here and now, so while working on the dance we were looking for a state of peace and contemplation. The music of Alexey Nadzharov helped us a lot in this”.

About agogo22

Director of Manchester School of Samba at http://www.sambaman.org.uk
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