Why Russia is shrinking? | Population decline problem

Why Russia’s young people want out? I asked people in the streets of Moscow!

Russia has recorded its largest annual population decline in the previous years. According to Rosstat, the official government statistics service, the number of people permanently living in the country dropped by 510,000 in the last year.

One of the reasons of population decline in Russia is a high number of people leaving the country. In this video, we will ask people if they would like to spend their lifetime in Russia, or move abroad.


– What do I do?
My name is Elina, some friends call me Eli. I am from Russia, but always travel for studying or working abroad.

– What is my channel about?
Here I share my experiences of finding scholarships to study abroad for free, opportunities all over the world; I also talk about my home country Russia and compare cultural aspects of different countries.

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