Sci-Fi Short Film: “Speak Only Good of the Dead” | DUST


A military supercomputer learns about poetry, love and fate.

Based on Kurt Vonnegut’s short story “EPICAC”

“Speak Only Good of the Dead” by Jac Viramuerte and Samuel Romero

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More About “Speak Only Good of the Dead”:
Speak Only Good of the Dead is a science fiction/drama short film in which a lovesick mathematician discovers that EPICAC, the military supercomputer he works with, is actually sentient. After teaching EPICAC about love & poetry, he attempts to use the machine to win the heart of his beautiful co-worker, Pat Kilgallen, by claiming EPICAC’s poetry as his own.

“Speak Only Good of the Dead” Credits:
Director Jac Viramuerte
Producer Samuel Romero
Executive Producers Rafael Romero
Leonardo Weyce
Trevor Miller
Maryam Naqqash
Magaly Pefig
Miguel & Andrea Romero
Associate Producers Michelle Ryan
Robert Ramos
Nicolás Pantaleon
Alejandro Weyce
Julio Weyce
Ana Paula Rocha de Melo
Director of Photography Samuel Romero
Production Designer Robert R. Ramos
Story by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Screenplay by Arminio S. Rivero
Samuel Romero
Pedro Gomez
Line Producer Victor Portillo
Production Coordinator Cristopher Gando
Production Designer Robert R. Ramos
Casting Director Selina Savage

The Programmer David Cope
Pat Magaly Pefig
Dr. Kuznetzov Alexei Afonin
Major General G.M. Barnes Michael Dean Walker


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