Dr. Becky Smethurst On Being An Astrophysicist, English Accents, And the Cosmological Crisis

I recently sat down with Dr. Becky Smethurst where were talked about the Cosmological Crisis for Monday’s video, what it’s like to be a super-dope scientist, and make fun of each other’s accents.

Check out her channel here:

Here’s some time stamps:

Intro – 0:00:00
Dr. Becky Introduction – 0:01:42
The Life Of A Scientist – 0:03:30
Accents – 0:05:15
Misconceptions About Academia – 0:08:05
Why She Loves Studying Black Holes – 0:13:30
White Holes – 0:14:00
Smallest Black Holes – 0:20:00
The Cosmological Crisis – 0:23:00
Geometry of the Universe – 0:38:20
Translating Maths to People – 0:45:14
Why Solving The Cosmological Crisis Matters – 0:49:40
Upcoming Telescopes – 0:54:40
Is There An End To Science? – 0:58:15
Conclusion – 1:03:50


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