Sci-Fi Short Film: “Intelligentia” | DUST


Lisa receives a butler A.I. to Turing test, and over the course of the procedure, she discovers the A.I. is not what it seems and her entire world disrupted.

“Intelligentia” by Ken Shinozaki

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“Intelligentia” Credits:
Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Colorist: Ken Shinozaki
Producer: Sydney Kasahara

Lisa: Rain Fuller
Alan: CJ Baker
Eliza: Cecilia Bryant
David: Chris Hebner
Eugene: Ken Shinozaki

Cinematographer/Musical Score/VFX: Ryo Shiina
Assistant Director: Adam Chase Cohen
Assistant Camera: George Ellett, Jon Na
Production Designer: Cynthia Wu
Art Director: Corey Crandall
G&E: Alex Robinson, Juliet Lambert
Script Supervisor: Madeliene Rai
Hair & Make-up: Abigail Smith
Sound Operator: Richard Tur
Art Assistant: Lively Lai
Art Assistant: Cody Franklin
Art Assistant: Chris Hebner
PA: Hessaum Sadri
Set Dog: Boomer

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