Fishing on the Russia-China border | Primorsky Krai | How we perceive the Russian culture here

Hi guys! On my channel I told you a lot about my hometown, Spassk, located in Primorsky Krai in the very South-East of Russia. Well, now let’s explore the nearby area and visit the village of Novosel’skoye! There we will also see the Khanka lake, divided between Russia and China. What strikes me the most is how close this place to the China is. The province of Heilongjiang is just across the border, and it’s interesting to think how this influences the life of people here. In this video I will tell you about how I perceived the Russian culture, living on the border of two countries.

Every summer my family comes to Novosel’skoye for fishing, and this time I decided to save these moments in the vlog. For us it’s not really fishing but rather outing with tasty food in the peaceful athmosphere, and you can tell that by the little amount of fish we got 😀 But even though my catch wasn’t that successful, I am still glad because that day I made friends with local cats, cows and fishermen who showed me their catch, and even stumbled upon the territory of Khanka Nature Reserve that I didn’t excpect to see so close to the village.

I hope you enjoyed this video! Like this video, write your comment and subscribe to my channel! Thank you for all the support that you showed me on my latest live stream, I am energized by having such a lovely audience, and I will definitely keep developing my channel! Stay tuned 😀


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