Tasting The Lost Species That Might Save Coffee

The new paper, from April 2021: “Arabica-like flavour in a heat-tolerant wild coffee species” – https://www.nature.com/articles/s4147…
Finding Stenophylla (2020 full paper): https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/…
Kew Science: https://www.kew.org/science
CIRAD: https://www.cirad.fr/en/our-research/…
University of Greenwich Research: https://www.gre.ac.uk/research

Thank you to Kew and Dr Aaron Davis for the opportunity to learn more and to taste Stenophylla!

Image credits:
Coffea stenophylla, cultivated in Ivory Coast. Image: E. Couturon, IRD©.
Black & white image, of C. stenophylla cultivated in Trinidad (c. 1900). Image: Archives, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew©.
Flower of C. stenophylla (note eight lobes instead of five, as in Arabica and robusta). Image: Daniel Sarmu©.
Harvest (fresh cherry) of C. stenophylla at CRB Coffea research collection (IRD-CIRAD), Reunion Island. Image: CIRAD©
Cupping at Montpellier CIRAD Sensory Analysis Laboratory. Image: CIRAD©
Sundried C. stenophylla cherry in Sierra Leone. Image: Daniel Sarmu©
Nature Plants research paper co-author Daniel Sarmu, preparing coffee tasting samples of C. stenophylla coffee in Sierra Leone. Image: Martha Sarmu©


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