How is Europe tackling the climate crisis? | DW Documentary

The climate emergency and shrinking biodiversity have taught us that we need to change our relationship with nature. People across Europe are looking to find to a new balance with nature in their lives. Sitting back and doing nothing is, we see, no longer an option.

How we interact with nature has become an unavoidable topic, and organizations like the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) have been continuously calling upon us to rethink humanity’s place in the ecosystem.

Our anthropocentric worldview has created countless environmental disasters: Ubiquitous plastic litter, deforestation, soil depreciation due to intensified agriculture, and shrinking biodiversity, in addition to others. Now, the European continent is finally starting to feel the consequences of years of deregulation, as weather anomalies take place ever more frequently and environmental disasters strike with frightening regularity and force. Due to rising temperatures, the Alpine glaciers could vanish entirely as soon as 2040. Again, not taking action is no longer an option.

There are initiatives, but their implementation on a Europe-wide level still needs to be prioritized as a key to environmental change. Nature is resilient and can regenerate quickly, if only left to do so. Across Europe, men and women are proving that it is possible to get by with less plastic, to conserve natural resources, to bring nature back to urban spaces, or even to cultivate a primordial forest on the European continent. It’s a paradigm shift we all need to contribute to.

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